Parenting skills to raise responsible, mature children

Most parents tend to either over-control or cave in and over-indulge their children. Either way, their children fail to learn from their experiences or grow in emotional maturity and self-responsibility. Roger K. Allen, PhD, has studied family relationships for many years and developed time-tested tools to help you succeed in raising responsible, mature children. In this course, you’ll learn to talk to your children (toddlers to teens) in ways that build trust, enhance self-worth, and help your children learn personal responsibility and emotional maturity. Let’s get started on this most important journey!

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   Teacher: Roger K. Allen, PhD


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Course plan

Lesson 1. Family Climate
Lesson 2. Parenting Traps
Lesson 3. Affirming
Lesson 4. Listening
Lesson 5. Listening, Part II
Lesson 6. The Value of “No”
Lesson 7. Positive Discipline: Connect and Redirect
Lesson 8. Setting Expectations and Consequences
Lesson 9. Negotiating Agreements
Lesson 10. Asking Valuing Questions
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