How to talk to teenagers

Do you have a teenager? Or a kid who already seems to be acting like one? Parent-teen communication is usually difficult because it requires a new set of skills. It isn’t that these new skills are hard or complicated—they’re just different. However, many parents think they can keep using the same strategies that worked in their own childhood. This course is not about earlier curfews, more drug and alcohol lectures, and less freedom on social media; it’s about changing the way you communicate. Over ten lessons, you’ll learn a simple, science-based system for getting through to teenagers about important issues.

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89% of students recommend

  “Loved this course! Practical tips for building a healthy relationship with your teen.”

  “It was a really helpful course. Now I know how to talk to a teenager effectively.”

  “Thank you for giving me a better understanding of the teenager’s thought processes. I now feel that I can help my grandson make good decisions.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Teenagers, Neuroscience, and Dog Poop
Lesson 2. Gambling Addicts, Debate, and the Role of a Parent
Lesson 3. Defensiveness, Self-Relevance, and Routes to Persuasion
Lesson 4. Car Trouble, Brain Development, and Teen Risk Behaviors
Lesson 5. Tough Times, Resistance, and Establishing Empathy
Lesson 6. 100% Acceptance, 0% Blame, and “Being a Good Parent”
Lesson 7. Alcohol Therapy, the Fast Food “Man,” and Core Values
Lesson 8. Romeo and Juliet, a Broader View, and More Experience
Lesson 9. Affirming Autonomy, Reducing Reactance, and Changing the Rules
Lesson 10. Hate and Love
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