Attraction science

Did you know you could simply learn how to become more attractive? With some basic psychological knowledge, you could easily increase your social appeal.

In this course, you’ll learn about the scientific study of attraction and love. From what it neurologically means “to be in love” to 36 empirically-tested questions that can increase your attractiveness, this course will provide a structured inquiry into the mind of the heart.

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80% of students recommend

“Very interesting and relevant information. Articles were written most excellently with clear and concise points.”

“Thank you for this course. I’m planning to check in practice whether your tips work or not. Hopefully, they will work and help me increase my attractiveness.”

“Well, it was pretty interesting, I love the part about body language, but some parts were a little Greek to me, maybe because of the language used!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. What is Love
Lesson 2. Women and Men
Lesson 3. Physical Attraction
Lesson 4. Reciprocal Liking
Lesson 5. Similarity
Lesson 6. The Secret of Secrecy
Lesson 7. Body Language
Lesson 8. Becoming Charismatic
Lesson 9. Awesome Arousal
Lesson 10. The Drug of Love
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