Financial wellbeing: How to worry less about money

Spend less than you earn. Pay down debt. Save for retirement. We all know what we ought to do with our money. Why, then, is it so difficult to put into practice? This course will explore the psychology of personal finance to help us replace our money worries with a sense of financial wellbeing.

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100% of students recommend

  “I am glad that I took this course because I learned more about the traps that we fall into like being busy and having unclear priorities and how those make it easier to be influenced by consumerism because we think it solves out core problems. I also learned about the various behavioural hurdles, harmful habits and social pressure I need to overcome.”

  “Very well written and presented.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Wealth, Health, and Why
Lesson 2. What Keeps us Trapped
Lesson 3. Awareness of Our Actions
Lesson 4. Manipulate your influences
Lesson 5. How to Spend Money
Lesson 6. Behavioural Hurdles: What we’re wired to do
Lesson 7. Behavioral Hurdles: Rose-tinted glasses and no patience
Lesson 8. Habits and Keeping up with the Joneses
Lesson 9. A Month Without
Lesson 10. Practising Gratitude
Lesson 11. Crunching the Numbers
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