World’s biggest financial crises

The world’s financial crises often have far-reaching effects, both geographically and for years after the crisis. As the world becomes a more globalized economy, countries are realizing that one crash on the other side of world can reverberate in their home country. This course presents a background on the biggest financial crises and their effect on economic growth and stability.

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Lesson 1. Panic of 1857
Lesson 2. Panic of 1873
Lesson 3. 1907 Bankers’ Panic
Lesson 4. Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic, 1921-1924
Lesson 5. The Great Depression, 1929-1933
Lesson 6. Oil Crisis, 1973
Lesson 7. Black Monday, 1987
Lesson 8. Japan’s Lost Decade, 1990-2000
Lesson 9. Asian Financial Crisis, 1997-1998
Lesson 10. The Great Recession, 2008
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