Personal finance concepts

It can be difficult knowing where to begin with personal finance. What if you just want an introduction to concepts that you’ve seen in headlines or heard from your parents? This course explains the most important concepts in personal finance and answers key questions, including: How much money do I need for retirement? What is a FICO score and (why) is it important? What is inflation?

Please note that although this course covers general personal finance concepts, it is most applicable towards US and UK residents.

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   Teacher: Maureen McGuinness


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90% of students recommend

“This course was extremely helpful. It provides the basic understanding of finance to someone who has little knowledge of it. This has helped me start saving more and thinking of the big picture.”

“Great course that explains concepts well and sets reader on path to change.”

“I like the easy to understand definitions, formulas, and relevant examples. Each lesson is easy to understand, takes about 5-7 minutes to read and gives the plain truth about how to address the various financial topics properly so you can avoid being confused or fooled by the misleading information shared by many in the financial industry.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Compound Interest
Lesson 2. Track Your Spending
Lesson 3. Emergency Fund
Lesson 4. Inflation
Lesson 5. Mortgages Pt. 1
Lesson 6. Mortgages Pt. 2
Lesson 7. Diversification
Lesson 8. Credit Score
Lesson 9. Leasing a Car
Lesson 10. Planning Your Spending
Lesson 11. Retirement Planning
Lesson 12. You Are a Business
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