Patent basics: for inventors and decision-makers

If you are an entrepreneur, engineer, or inventor, you will likely have questions about patents and whether you can use them in your business. In fact, even if you are an engineer or manager at a large company, you may find that patent rights affect your business or technical strategy. In this course, you will learn basic principles of patent law and gain insights on how to approach some of the situations and issues you might encounter. This course will help you gain a foundation to understand patent strategy and work with a patent attorney.

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Lesson 1. Very Brief Overview of Intellectual Property – Where Do Patents Fit In?
Lesson 2. What is a Patent?
Lesson 3. Overview of the Patent Process
Lesson 4. Parts of a Patent Application – Claims, Drawings, Specification
Lesson 5. Getting Your Patent Allowed – What Are the Hurdles?
Lesson 6. Examination and Fees – Who Will Decide Whether I Get a Patent?
Lesson 7. Invention Harvesting – What Should I Patent?
Lesson 8. Patent Searching
Lesson 9. You Have a Patent! Now What?
Lesson 10. Patent Strategy Depends on Business Strategy
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