Confidence: The secret to your success!

Is your lack of confidence holding you back in relationships, at school, or at work? Do people around you seem to have it all together while you seem to fumble through? Do you wish you felt more confident to pursue your wildest dreams? Many people falter when thinking they don’t have what it takes. Successful people, on the other hand, when faced with the same doubts, know they just need to learn and practice certain skills and their confidence and dreams will follow. You can do this too. Learn the tools, strategies, and information needed to increase your confidence and achieve success.

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88% of students recommend

  “I highly recommend this course. It was very interesting, informative, and gave great tips on helping develop confidence.”

  “Great lesson, simple steps to understand, and good exercises to practice.”

  “Thanks for the author(s). They give seemingly obvious advices from different perspective and thus helping to readers obtain the confidence from easy-to-understand tips.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Confidence: Luck of the Genetic Lottery?
Lesson 2. Don’t Wait, Do
Lesson 3. Small Changes Make Huge Impacts
Lesson 4. Self-Efficacy
Lesson 5. Five Second Rule
Lesson 6. Fake It Till You Learn It
Lesson 7. Your Environment and Five Closest Friends
Lesson 8. Fall Down Five Times Get Up Six
Lesson 9. Imagine a Color You’ve Never Seen Before
Lesson 10. Your Maintenance Plan
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