The random word doodle: boost your creativity and exercise your mind

This class explores one really fun and effective method of exercising your mind. Join the class to learn how to become a prolific creator and take on the day with your brain in overdrive mode. I discuss the benefits of doodling random words and show you the best ways of doing so. This class will suit you if your creativity lies anywhere between dead-to-creativity and super-creative-wizard.

   12,773 students completed this course

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   Teacher: Rich Armstrong


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82% of students recommend

“It was the best experience for creative purposes. Thank you!”

“This is a very actionable course. There’s work to do daily and it made my mind work.”

“I loved this course and want to keep this daily habit going in my day-to-day routine. Highly recommend it if you’re in a creative lull (like I was), or just looking to kick up your morning routine. It also forces you to create stuff you’d never imagine – and that helps you believe in your creativity and your abilities!”


Course plan

Lesson 1: The random word doodle
Lesson 2: The inner child
Lesson 3: Routine and discipline
Lesson 4: Mistakes and fun
Lesson 5: Rejection, failure, and sharing
Lesson 6: The blank canvas
Lesson 7: A stream of ideas
Lesson 8: Sharpen your mind and solve your problems
Lesson 9: Becoming a prolific creator
Lesson 10: Forth and onwards!
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    10 days
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