How to overcome your anxiety

Is your anxiety holding you hostage and refusing to negotiate? Do you wake up already dreading your day and wanting to just go back to bed? Are you avoiding more and more things in your life in order to keep your anxiety away? This course can help. Learn easy-to-implement tools and strategies that will help you ease the grip of your discouraging and crippling anxious thought patterns. Even better? Learn how to overcome the diminished optimism that accompanies anxiety and start moving toward living the life you want!

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   Teacher: Eileen Purdy MSW, M.Ed.


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86% of students recommend

“This was a good course with really helpful tips to handle anxiety.”

  “One of the best courses I’ve taken here. Quick read and manageable, with lots of specific and actionable suggestions. Written in a fun way that’s engaging and easy to follow, and backed by facts and references. Really really impressed, and got a lot from it. Thank you!”

  “Up to a point descriptions of torturing thoughts an anxious person tend to have with powerful antidots to these habitual states of mind. So far I’ve benefited a lot from the suggested breathing exercises and the strategy presented in the last mail! (like you can’t fire me because I quite – addressed to my anxiety). Although I know my anxiety will keep accompanying me along the way, but I feel now better prepared to use the strength of this opponent in my favor.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Fear: Success Enemy #1
Lesson 2. Too Much of a Good Thing
Lesson 3. Nature vs. Nurture
Lesson 4. What Works and What Doesn’t
Lesson 5. Don’t Give Your Anxiety the Time of Day
Lesson 6. Roadblocks and Detours
Lesson 7. More Roadblocks and Detours
Lesson 8. A Breath of Fresh Air
Lesson 9. Grabbing the Bull by the Horns
Lesson 10. Get Back on the Horse
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