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Why teach on Highbrow?

Huge Impact
Huge Impact

Your content is received by a worldwide, multi-talented audience


Every time a student enrolls in your class, you get paid


Promote your content, brand, or products to over 300K learners


Build your credibility as an industry, topic, or niche expert

How does it work?

Get your content delivered in just three simple steps. How simple? This simple:

Pick a course topic, choose a targeted audience to receive your content, put together a course outline, and decide how much the whole thing will cost (free or Premium).

Once approved by the Highbrow team, prepare content (10 lessons) and an end-of-course quiz to test your learners’ knowledge.


Vanessa Van Edwards created a course called “The secrets of body language” on Highbrow.

Here are their results so far:

– 24,976 students who completed the course
– 224,786 emails sent
– 71% average email open rate
– 7.5% average click rate.

Paul Minors created a course on “How to Create a Productivity System” on Highbrow.

Here are his results so far:

– 18,251 students who completed the course
– 164,255 emails sent
– 67% average email open rate
– 13.3% average click rate.

Manuel Kraus created a course called “The Science of Happiness” on Highbrow.

Here are his results so far:

– 26,811 students who completed the course
– 241,303 emails sent
– 71% average email open rate
– 6.5% average click rate.

What teachers are saying about us

“Writing a course for Highbrow couldn’t be simpler. The whole process from idea submission to course launch was smooth. I was grateful for the feedback provided to me on my first draft and was pleased when I received some feedback whilst my course was live, which helped improve the content. Writing a course for a Highbrow was useful because it challenged me to prioritize content so that it would fit appropriately with the 10-part course format and theme.”

Maureen McGuinness

Personal finance mentor and blogger

“Working with Highbrow was such an amazingly pleasant surprise! The entire team was a pleasure to work with and always wanting to put out the very best, high quality content. I have also been introduced to so many great new students through the Highbrow platform. We have been able to help more people, teach more students and grow our platform by putting courses on Highbrow. I love it!”

Vanessa Van Edwards

Popular blogger, book author and behavioral investigator

Frequently Asked Questions

So… how do you guys make money?

Our primary goal is to connect great educators with lifelong learners. However, we’re a business too, and so we do charge our Premium members a small monthly (or annual) fee to keep the lights on. Premium members support Highbrow by paying $10/mo or $48/year. Learn more about Premium.

OK, so then how do teachers get paid?

We understand the value of having amazing educators. So we do our best to ensure our teachers are paid fairly for their time. Each 3 months, through our revenue sharing program, we set aside 50% of all Premium membership revenue and pay teachers on a sliding scale, using an algorithm that accounts for class quality and engagement.

Teachers who host at least one Premium course, and have at least 30 Premium students in total, are immediately eligible for this program. Compensation is paid every time a student successfully completes all ten lessons of a Premium course. We feel this helps motivate teachers to engage with their students and encourage them to see a course through.

But look, if you're just here for hard numbers, here's the skinny: if you create a Premium course on Highbrow, and 1,000 Premium students complete it this quarter, you'll earn between $1000 and $1750.

Great! What should I teach?

Whatever you want! We’ve had teachers help students with everything from business and productivity, to art and philosophy. Browse our topics to see where your course fits in. If you don’t see a topic that matches your content, contact us to suggest a new one.

What are Premium courses?

When you create your course, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to make it a free or Premium course. Free courses go out to our entire membership. This makes it easy to build your brand, promote a product, or simply create leads for your business.

Premium courses only go out to our Premium membership. However, choosing to create a Premium course makes it possible to earn money through our revenue sharing program (see How Do Teachers Get Paid?).

How is the content delivered?

You’ll need to break your material up into 10 short lessons (400-600 words) and a quick, end-of-course quiz. We’ll then package it all up into beautifully designed email lessons and send them out to your subscribers.

Why should I create a course on Highbrow?

Highbrow gives you an audience. With more than 300K+ subscribers, your message will be heard by learners across the globe. We’ll take care of promotion, design, delivery, and all the nuts and bolts required to get your content out. Plus, by creating Premium courses (see above), you’ll have the chance to earn through our revenue sharing program.

How much are teachers charged to use Highbrow?

Zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing. Highbrow educators are charged $0.00 to use our platform.

Where can I find more information?

Have a read through our Teacher Guidelines if you’re still curious. You can always reach out if you have any questions about the platform, pricing, or payment program.

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