Investing money for beginners

Putting money under your mattress is obviously foolish. Not only could it be stolen, but the buying power of that money will also decrease with inflation (when prices go up). Yet, many of us keep our money in savings accounts or certificates of deposit that often don’t earn enough interest to beat the effects of inflation. Investing, in contrast, has been shown to grow your money more effectively over the long run. In this course, you’ll learn if you’re ready to invest, the different investment options, and how to keep the costs of holding your investments down.

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90% of students recommend

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Course plan

Lesson 1: Laying the Foundations
Lesson 2: Investing Myths
Lesson 3: What to Invest in, Part I—Stocks, Funds, and ETFs
Lesson 4: What to Invest in, Part II—Bonds
Lesson 5: What to Invest in, Part III—Peer-to-Peer
Lesson 6: What to Invest in, Part IV—Property
Lesson 7: Where to Invest
Lesson 8: Keeping Costs Low
Lesson 9: How Much to Invest
Lesson 10: Diversification
Lesson 11: Putting It All Together
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