English idioms (B2)

This is a course of English idioms on the B2 level (upper-intermediate). Each episode presents 10 idioms in context and then explains them. The lessons tell an entertaining story—with lots of black humor about a desperate girl who has plenty of bad luck. Will she finally have good fortune? Follow her adventures from health and relationship problems to a luxury cruise where she meets the man of her dreams … or not.

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   Teacher: Katarzyna Sielicka


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80% of students recommend

  “Easy to read, easy to learn and easy to remember. Very nicely built up, I enjoyed the conversations and was looking forward to receiving my morning fix. :)”


Course plan

Episode 1. English idioms about health
Episode 2. English idioms about problems
Episode 3. English idioms on giving advice
Episode 4. English idioms about family
Episode 5. English idioms about people
Episode 6. English idioms about vacation
Episode 7. English idioms about mistakes
Episode 8. English idioms about money
Episode 9. English idioms about work
Episode 10. English idioms on learning
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    One lesson delivered via email daily
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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