Kasia Sielicka, PhD



English vocabulary – in the morning (B2)
English grammar

English idioms (B2)

I have been a teacher of English as a Second Language for over 20 years. I love teaching and enjoy seeing the progress my students make.

English is the love of my life. I completed an MA in English Studies, then did a PhD in that area. I also have an MA in American Studies. My level of English is confirmed by a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English – grade A. This means that I know English on the level of an educated native speaker—and a well-educated one, for that matter! :)

My great advantage over native teachers is that I have learned all of my English on my own, as a second language, without English-speaking family. I know what is easy and what is hard for learners. I’ve met both good and bad teachers. I have gone through the difficult path that you are taking right now—and I am here to offer my experience, expertise, and help.

I have full teaching qualifications issued by Warsaw University (equivalent of CELTA/DELTA). I teach English to adults in online courses, via Skype, and in my school (Warsaw, Poland).

Website: anglonomicon.com

Email: katarzyna.s.sielicka@gmail.com