English grammar

The course is intended as a review course for intermediate and upper-intermediate (B1/B2) learners of English as a Foreign Language. If you’ve been learning English for a few years and have already learned a lot of grammar but want to review, this is the course for you! If your level is B1, you will find some new grammar here. If it’s B2, this course will be a great review. Each episode reviews two grammar items.

The course tells the story of John, a journalist, who comes to London to work on an article, but instead meets a woman who could be the love of his life. Will John be brave enough to tell her about his feelings? Are they destined for each other? Find out from the course!

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   Teacher: Kasia Sielicka, PhD


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100% of students recommend

  “English grammar is too big a subject for 10 short lessons, of course. And still, by carefully selecting and focusing on essentials (plus a few interesting tidbits), the author managed to make it worth my time. I enjoyed this course, Ms. Sielicka, thank you! :)”


Course plan

Episode 1. Tenses & Articles
Episode 2. Narrative Tenses & Inversion
Episode 3. Reported Speech & Reporting Verbs
Episode 4. Expressing Agreement & Life Experience
Episode 5. Comparisons & Possessive Pronouns
Episode 6. First Conditional & Talking about the Future
Episode 7. Indirect Questions & Second Conditional
Episode 8. Modals to Talk about the Past & Third Conditional
Episode 9. The Passive & Relative Clauses
Episode 10. Verbs of the Senses & Clauses of Contrast
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  • Duration
    10 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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