How to learn a foreign language

Have you ever wanted to learn a language but didn’t know where to start? Have you stopped seeing progress in the language you’re learning? This course presents strategies to take you from beginner to fluent. Learn how to pick a language, master grammar, build vocabulary, overcome the dreaded “language plateau”, and more.

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88% of students recommend

“I’m struggling with German and you have given me some very good tips to try. I’m using Fluenz and Duolingo and really like both but have yet to speak a word to another human being. Retention is difficult if one is not using the language in real-life situations.”

“Easy to follow and lot’s of great advice!”

“I’m a native Spanish speaker and this help me a lot to discover new apps and improve my fluency. Now, I feel more motivated to keep learning English and French.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Which language should you study?
Lesson 2. How to find great language-learning materials
Lesson 3. Creating a Language-Learning Strategy
Lesson 4. Contextual Learning
Lesson 5. How to Master Grammar
Lesson 6. Converse with Native Speakers
Lesson 7. Using the World Around You
Lesson 8. Improve Listening Comprehension
Lesson 9. Evaluate Your Level
Lesson 10. Overcome the Language Plateau
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