Overcoming social anxiety

You’re capable in every area of your life but seem to totally falter and become anxious at the mere thought of social situations at work, dating, having friends over for dinner or taking on that new job. What gives? We’re social creatures! Learn easy-to-implement tools and strategies to help you overcome your social anxiety and stop the worried and anxious thoughts and feelings that are messing things up personally and professionally. This course will help you move away from loneliness and avoidance and move toward meaningful connections, relationships, and successes at home and at work.

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   Teacher: Eileen Purdy MSW, M.Ed.


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90% of students recommend

  “Very well done. Helped me a lot!”

  “This is a good course. Some of the thoughts and techniques already made me feel better in social interactions.”

  “Simple, thoughtful, insightful. There was a lot of valuable and useful information in this course, I’m really pleased I gave it a try.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. What is Going On?
Lesson 2. Neuroplasticity to the Rescue
Lesson 3. Turn Off That Spotlight on You
Lesson 4. How to Stop Expecting the Worst Possible Outcomes
Lesson 5. New Situation? Get Comfortable in Record Time
Lesson 6. Speak Up and Share Your Thoughts and Opinions
Lesson 7. Overcome Your Constant Worry
Lesson 8. Small Talk That Gets You to More Comfortable Talk
Lesson 9. Dating Without Feeling Totally Inept
Lesson 10. This is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
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