The secrets of body language

Have you ever wished you could know what someone is thinking? Or wondered what your nonverbal behavior is saying to the outside world? Body language is a great way to find out more about yourself and the people you interact with.

In this course, I will teach you how to read people’s nonverbal behavior and improve your own with actionable tips. You’ll learn how to use power body language, facial expressions, and other nonverbal cues to have more authentic, effective, and meaningful relationships.

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   Teacher: Vanessa Van Edwards


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93% of students recommend

  “Really enjoyed this and learning about how the body communicates without you even realizing it. Learned how to spot signs and also how to try to avoid sending negative signals myself. I’m definitely more aware – thank you, Vanessa.”

  “Excellent introduction to body language. Well organized, thorough, and with practical applications.”

  “All your lessons are priceless. The course totally change my mind to be a attractive, powerful and successful person both inside and out.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Body Language is Your Secret Superpower
Lesson 2. Decoding vs. Encoding
Lesson 3. The Power of Presence
Lesson 4. Power Body Language
Lesson 5. Attraction Body Language
Lesson 6. Beware: Contempt
Lesson 7. The Nod
Lesson 8. Self-Soothing
Lesson 9. Lean Into It
Lesson 10. Body Language Action Plan
+ Quiz



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