Hacking your inbox for maximum productivity (for high-volume inboxes)

Spend less time on email and more on the better things in life by working these tools and systems into your routine. By shaking things up a little, we promise you’ll be the envy of your favorite coworking spot because of how dang productive you are without your old email routine.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use a virtual assistant to deal with an overloaded inbox.

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   Teacher: Wil Schroter


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72% of students recommend

“Brilliant and helpful course, especially for a busy student!”

“Course was fine, but it relied a lot on a VA. If you didn’t know how to create or configure rules for one this could make the course of limited use. Otherwise good course!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Email Is Not Your Friend
Lesson 2. Rebuild Your Workflow
Lesson 3. Create Tools to Prioritize Your Inbox
Lesson 4. Deflect and Destroy
Lesson 5. Appear Super Responsive All the Time
Lesson 6. Make Your Responses Your Own
Lesson 7. Translate Emails into Task Lists
Lesson 8. Build Priority Folders
Lesson 9. Leverage Your Email Footer
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  • Duration
    9 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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