How to be more productive

What causes some people to become world-class leaders and changemakers, while most others plateau? After just ten days, you’ll explore the secrets that top performers use to stay productive, and learn how to implement them in your own life. This course will teach you key productivity skills: You will understand how to focus on the right things, prioritize, manage your time effectively, stay focused and consistent, and much more.

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94% of students recommend

  “Brilliant ideas, tips and tricks. Very well written and easy to understand. And, the best part, very simple to implement and use from the very first lesson.”

  “This course really helped me to come out of my hurdles especially prioritising my day to day jobs. My hearty congratulations to the author for offering this course which definitely an eye-opener to each and every individual. Thank you sir.”

  “What an absolutely fantastic course! I can’t express enough how much this changed my life and the way I work. Gone is procrastination, I put every tip into action and my family joined in as well. I think my favorite has to be the to-do list with just six entries. Instead of having about a mile of entries and feeling disheartened when I don’t see many ticked off, I can work to achieve the six things every day and feel on top. I’m a photography degree student and artist and I’m going to tell all my fellow students about this course. Can’t wait to go and choose my next course now.”


Course plan

Lesson 1: Why Do You Want to Be 100-Times More Productive?
Lesson 2: Where Is Your Time Leaking?
Lesson 3: Decluttering Your Routine and Ruthless Prioritization
Lesson 4: A Perfect To-Do List
Lesson 5: Staying Focused—Pomodoro Technique
Lesson 6: Getting the Routine Work Done
Lesson 7: Getting Things You Hate Done Easily
Lesson 8: Staying Consistent
Lesson 9: Using Your “Gap Time” Wisely
Lesson 10: Wrapping Up—A Checklist
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  • Format
    One lesson delivered via email daily
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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