Unknown Scientists Who Changed The World

There have been hundreds of famous scientists who have made contributions that changed the world. Hundreds more have made equally important discoveries but have not received the same notoriety or fame. This course will cover some of those scientists. You will learn the names and works of scientists such as Fritz Haber, John Bardeen, and James Clerk Maxwell.

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95% of students recommend

“Surprising to me that I had not even HEARD of the Muslim Mathematician… and of some of the accomplishments of others featured in this series!”

“Again a very interesting course, a great idea to recognise lesser known inventors because they were so important to future scientific discoveries.”

“While I had heard of most of these (but not all) people, there were facts of which I was unaware. Thanks!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Fritz Haber
Lesson 2. Joseph Lister
Lesson 3. Leó Szilárd
Lesson 4. John Bardeen
Lesson 5. Edward Jenner
Lesson 6. Tim Berners-Lee
Lesson 7. Johannes Kepler
Lesson 8. Karl Landsteiner
Lesson 9. Avicenna
Lesson 10. James Clerk Maxwell
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