Strangest things in space

The many wonders of space have captivated mankind since the dawn of time. Science has been able to explain many of these phenomena over the centuries, but there are still things we haven’t quite solved yet. This course will discuss mysterious topics such as antimatter, mini-black holes, cosmic microwave background, dark, matter, exoplanets, gravity waves, galactic cannibalism, neutrinos, quasars, and vacuum energy.

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90% of students recommend

“Really well explained yet not too dry. Thanks!”

“All the information is very easy to understand, yet the universe is a very complicated thing.”

“I absolutely loved the course. It would have been great if there were also some links to YouTube channels/videos that have good content further elaborating the course material.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Antimatter
Lesson 2. Mini Black Holes
Lesson 3. Cosmic Microwave Background
Lesson 4. Dark Matter
Lesson 5. Exoplanets
Lesson 6. Gravity Waves
Lesson 7. Galactic Cannibalism
Lesson 8. Neutrinos
Lesson 9. Quasars
Lesson 10. Vacuum Energy
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