Persuasion science masterclass: Part II

Influencing other people can be next to impossible if you don’t know how. Research in psychology, however, has developed a set of core principles that underlie people’s willingness to say “yes” to a request. In this course, you’ll learn even more principles as well as how to apply them in everyday situations. Get ready to skyrocket your influence!

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   Teacher: Andy Luttrell


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Course plan

Lesson 1. Principle #4: Social Validation
Lesson 2. Principle #5: Liking
Lesson 3. Liking Technique #1: Similarity
Lesson 4. Liking Technique #2: Familiarity
Lesson 5. Principle #6: Authority
Lesson 6. Principle #7: Scarcity
Lesson 7. Scarcity Technique #1: Limited Number
Lesson 8. Scarcity Technique #2: Deadlines
Lesson 9. Principle #8: Reasons
Lesson 10. You Are More Persuasive Than You Think
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