Mental models: How to make better decisions

Everything you think about our world is based on a mental model. Every choice you make is based on the mental models that govern how you think. In this course, you’ll learn about the most important mental models, how you can recognize them in your day-to-day thinking, and how you can take control of your life. From the famous Occam’s Razor to the power of Bayesian Updating, you will emerge from this course with new appreciation of how to solve life’s big problems.

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94% of students recommend

  “It’s a great course, the recommendations of the books and the way the author put together the theory with practice are really good. Easy to follow and useful for my life. Thanks.”

  “Best course I’ve taken so far! Great job organizing and summarizing some pretty complex material. Friendly, engaging tone. Bravo!”

  “A great course, introducing practical methods to help with thinking and productivity.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. What Is a Mental Model?
Lesson 2. The Scientific Method: The Mother of All Mental Models
Lesson 3. The Pareto Principle: The Power of Less
Lesson 4. Occam’s Razor: The Simplicity of Truth
Lesson 5. Bayesian Updating: How We Predict the Future
Lesson 6. Say Something Syndrome: The Power of Silence
Lesson 7. Inversion: Avoiding the Opposite
Lesson 8. Do Something Syndrome: Stop Doing the Wrong Things
Lesson 9. Multiplying by Zero: Fixing the Weakest Link
Lesson 10. Hanlon’s Razor: Why Complaining Stops Us in Our Tracks
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