How to be popular and make everyone like you

You don’t need to be a hunk, a genius, an extrovert, or a millionaire to be a people-magnet. You don’t need to change your personality either.

I’ve mixed up a nice cocktail for you. My ingredients are tons of studies by international experts, real-life examples, stories, exercises, and a few jokes. (Some are nerdy but that’s okay.) After mixing these ingredients well, I’ve poured shot-sized portions for you to take every day.

Start sipping to enjoy the benefits that likable people already enjoy: more friends, more money, better jobs, more satisfying relationships, more promotions, more clients, and more dates.
Grab your first shot, my friend, and cheers!

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   Teacher: Sofia Santiago


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Course plan

Lesson 1. Mastering Likability Matters More Than You Might Know
Lesson 2. Go to the Golden Quadrant
Lesson 3. Warmer Than a Warm Waffle
Lesson 4. Clearly Competent Conducts
Lesson 5. Frame Your Focus
Lesson 6. Have Them at Hello
Lesson 7. Practice Propinquity
Lesson 8. Turn the Tittle-Tattle Off
Lesson 9. Memorize Maya’s Method
Lesson 10. Clip Out the Tall Poppy Clippers
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