How to be popular and make everyone like you

You don’t need to be a hunk, a genius, an extrovert, or a millionaire to be a people-magnet. You don’t need to change your personality either.

I’ve mixed up a nice cocktail for you. My ingredients are tons of studies by international experts, real-life examples, stories, exercises, and a few jokes. (Some are nerdy but that’s okay.) After mixing these ingredients well, I’ve poured shot-sized portions for you to take every day.

Start sipping to enjoy the benefits that likable people already enjoy: more friends, more money, better jobs, more satisfying relationships, more promotions, more clients, and more dates.
Grab your first shot, my friend, and cheers!

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96% of students recommend

  “Some of the key ideas rang so true. Like – How long do you keep trying to be friendly before expecting the other person to respond with equal interest. Tall poppy was a nice reference. Also, the point on talking less about yourself and asking questions was interesting. I used to do this a lot and somehow forgot how much sense this made. I loved the course and wanted to thank Sofia for writing such a good course on Highbrow.”

  “Easy to understand, easy to remember and fun to try out on an everyday basis!”

  “A great presentation of concepts that most of us know but don’t practice as well as we should because we are so caught up in ourselves.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Mastering Likability Matters More Than You Might Know
Lesson 2. Go to the Golden Quadrant
Lesson 3. Warmer Than a Warm Waffle
Lesson 4. Clearly Competent Conducts
Lesson 5. Frame Your Focus
Lesson 6. Have Them at Hello
Lesson 7. Practice Propinquity
Lesson 8. Turn the Tittle-Tattle Off
Lesson 9. Memorize Maya’s Method
Lesson 10. Clip Out the Tall Poppy Clippers
+ Quiz



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