Understanding and dealing with boredom

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a struggling entrepreneur, or a quiet academic, boredom is inevitable in life. So, why is “boredom” is largely neglected, filed away as an unnecessary emotion even as it churns up feelings of personal inadequacy and unease? This course explores the forbidden land of human boredom, what it really means, the various indulgences of a bored mind, and reconstructing our current perspective about boredom.

Over the next eight days, this course will take you on a deep dive into the subject of boredom. We will begin with how the social narrative today encourages us to carve boredom out of our daily emotional quota, and then move to real-time benefits of boredom. Finally, you will learn practical methods to deal with this inevitable state of mind.

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   Teacher: Sonia Chauhan


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91% of students recommend

  “Really good course. So important to learn more about how to connect with yourself in the void of everyday life.”

  “Some really great ideas and perspectives on boredom. The course goes very deep and comes at the topic from many different angles. Packed full of practical tips and activities as well.”

  “Never understood the intricacies of boredom. Now after taking this course I am better equipped.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Addressing the Elephant in the Room: What Is Boredom?
Lesson 2. Why We Don’t Allow Boredom or Admit It
Lesson 3. Inside a Bored Brain: Understanding the Process
Lesson 4. Philosophy’s Take on Boredom
Lesson 5. Benefits of Boredom
Lesson 6. Dealing with Boredom: Part I
Lesson 7. Dealing with Boredom: Part II
Lesson 8. Dealing with Boredom: Part III
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    8 days
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    5 minutes reading a day

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