A serious person’s guide to positive thinking

PEN Award-winning historian and explorer of alternate realms Mitch Horowitz surveys the most persuasive ideas and techniques from within the positive-mind tradition and shows how to use them in your life. Paris Match says, “Mitch Horowitz, a specialist in American esotericism, traces the history of positive thinking and its influence [and] takes us far from naive doctrines.”

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78% of students recommend

“Definitely these type of self development courses improve the quality of life if we strictly adhere the author’s guidelines. Hats off to author and Highbrow team.”

“Before even starting to apply the methods I feel my perspective and outlook changed into a more positive and hopeful one.”

“This was probably the best Highbrow course I’ve taken. Practical steps and techniques to take and some intriguing ideas. Thanks very much!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Your Mental Frontiers
Lesson 2. The Three-Step Miracle
Lesson 3. Wealth and Health
Lesson 4. The Mind and Money
Lesson 5. The 30 Day Mental Challenge
Lesson 6. Stronger Every Day
Lesson 7. The Inner Golden Rule
Lesson 8. Daily Bread
Lesson 9. Quantum Physics and the Mind
Lesson 10. Neville Goddard, Explorer of the Infinite
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