How to adopt a flexitarian lifestyle

Want to learn how to eat like a vegetarian but still have a cheeseburger too? This class will teach you how to become a part-time vegetarian by maximizing the flexitarian approach. Get motivated to eat healthy now!

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   Teacher: Alyce Eyster


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Course plan

Lesson 1. Introduction to “Flexitarian” Lifestyle
Lesson 2. Become a Part-Time Vegetarian
Lesson 3. Protein and the Plant-Based Lifestyle
Lesson 4. Good Carbs and Dairy
Lesson 5. Diet Derailers
Lesson 6. What Are You Drinking?
Lesson 7. Let’s Assess Your Diet!
Lesson 8. Overcoming Obstacles
Lesson 9. Tools and Tips for Healthy Eating In and Out
Lesson 10. Wrapping It Up: The Most Important Takeaways
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