Improving your self-talk

When we’re awake, there’s an endless dialogue going through our minds. It’s our inner monologue or self-talk, and it impacts how we make decisions and practice reflection and influences our sense of self and our emotions. Improving your self-talk is vital to improving mental health and has tangible benefits to self-regulating behaviors like planning and critical thinking. In the next ten days, you’ll learn how to harness these powerful benefits in your life.

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94% of students recommend

  “This course has helped me a tremendous lot. I have struggled with this problem all my life and it was disabling me to make a success of anything because it placed me in a comfort zone without any responsibilities.”

  “Very helpful course! It helped me feel less anxious.”

  “The course was very well organized and provided the correct amount of information in each lesson!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. The Foundation of Self-Talk?
Lesson 2. The Importance of Self-Talk
Lesson 3. The Various Types of Positive Self-Talk
Lesson 4. The Sound of Negative Self-Talk/Impostor Syndrome
Lesson 5. The Difference between Positive Self-Talk and Pity
Lesson 6. Accurate Self
Lesson 7. Self-Distancing
Lesson 8. Affect Labeling
Lesson 9. Expressive Writing
Lesson 10. Wrapping Up
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    10 days
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