Creative mindfulness: Ten ways to chill out and enjoy creativity

Positive and peaceful mental health is a huge priority for many people these days, but not everyone achieves it in the same way. This course explores ten fantastic techniques to use creative practices to promote a more mindful way of living for improved mental health.

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100% of students recommend

  “The best course I have taken so far on Highbrow! Very different from what I expected – I have never been able to follow a mindfulness meditation without getting itchy and needing to get up, but these little tools had me engaged beyond what I thought was possible. Just read the phonebook out loud and loved the cleansing effect this has on me. I really hope I can keep it going, or even just remember every now and then. I intend to print off the ones that worked best for me and hang them around the house to make sure I do take those breaks. Thanks again for this wonderful course!”

  “Really nice and detailed course, that helps you get more creative and think in a more free way!”

  “Thanks so much for helping me with my mindfulness journey!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Unleashing Creative Freedom
Lesson 2. Making Your Mark
Lesson 3. Telling Your Story
Lesson 4. Playing Pretend
Lesson 5. Yes, You Are a Rockstar
Lesson 6. Doodling for Relaxation
Lesson 7. Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer
Lesson 8. Dramatic Reading to Unleash
Lesson 9. Let It Out the Write Way
Lesson 10. A Mindful Lifestyle
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