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Control your emotions, control your life

How to be popular and make everyone like you

As a professional speaker, trainer, and award-winning author, Sofia Santiago is known internationally for her engaging and humorous delivery.

She’s an expert in interpersonal attraction, conflict management, and male-female communication.

Her bestselling book, Difficult Conversations Just for Women: Kill the Anxiety. Get What You Want, was an award winner of the 2016 Reader’s Favorite International Literary Excellence Book Contest, highly praised by Publishers Weekly, and presented with a Five Stars Seal Award by Reader’s Favorite.

Sofia’s other books include UNSHAKEN: Scientifically Proven Ways to Control Your Emotions Before, During, and After Difficult Conversations and Face Difficult Conversations with God on Your Side: Practical Application of Biblical Principles to Manage Conflict, Set Boundaries, and Ask for What You Want (published as Rebecca Finley).

Sofia is the founder of Pathways Business Seminars. She’s trained employees of Microsoft, the US Air Force, Conoco, Hyatt, Purina, Graceland University, and many other organizations.

A former university professor, Sofia is a cybernetics engineer with graduate studies in business, intercultural relations, and instructional design. She’s working on her PhD in transpersonal psychology.

Sofia lives in the middle of nowhere, Missouri, with her husband, John, and a dumb dog she calls Dumb Dog.


Praise for Sofia’s writing

“From the very first chapter, readers will know that they have stumbled onto something valuable.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Intelligently written, upbeat, and filled with insights that will come across as an eye-opener to many readers.” ─Readers’ Favorite


Website: SofiaSantiago.com

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