Control your emotions, control your life

Do you go from zero to Hulk at record speed? Are fears holding you back from getting what you want? Do you feel inadequate when you compare yourself with others? Is someone constantly getting on your nerves? Do you overreact and hurt others? Oh my.

If you can’t seem to manage your emotions because they’re managing you, it’s time to quit suffering and do something about it.

Anger, regret, guilt, inadequacy, resentment—all those negative emotions that make you feel miserable, berate yourself, and swear you’ll never succumb to again (but inevitably, you do)—can be tamed using practical, scientifically-proven techniques.

If your strategy to deal with stress or worry includes TV binge, Bacardi, or Burger King, there’s a better way: Dr. Sofia Santiago’s STAR™ techniques. This course will give you authority over your life to start enjoying it more by getting ahead of your emotional reactions.

So grab your golden ticket to the positive emotion factory.

Disclaimer: This course will make you happy and your life will be perfect—or not. Read that claim carefully, as well as the others I make in this course. Regardless of those claims, though, I make no claims. I’m not a psychologist, counselor, or medical doctor, and the advice here should not replace the services of a healthcare professional. So don’t blame me or Highbrow for anything that goes wrong. Now, if your life and the world, in general, becomes a bit better because you took this course, please write a long five-star-review, tell all your friends, and tweet constantly about how my course alone made you a happy person and your life perfect (just like I told you it would).

That being said, let’s get started.

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100% of students recommend

  “A good, condensed version of hints and techniques to help when emotions start to spiral. Clear and easy to understand.”

  “Concise, insightful, gives the tools we really need to help us control our emotions. Excellent course.”

  “This course really made me stop before reacting, especially in a high stress moment with my kids.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Why Emotional Regulation Matters
Lesson 2. The Inner Workings of Emotions
Lesson 3. Manage Your Emotions Like a STAR™
Lesson 4. Controlling Situations (S)
Lesson 5. Controlling Your Thoughts (T)
Lesson 6. Controlling Your Attention (A)
Lesson 7. Controlling Your Reappraisal (R)
Lesson 8. How Are You Dealing with Your Emotions Now?
Lesson 9. Fear, Anxiety, and Worry
Lesson 10. Betting on Yourself
Bonus Lesson: Your Emotional Regulation Cheat-Sheet
+ Quiz



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