Introduction to clinical neuropsychology

How does human behavior map onto the brain? And what changes reflect in human behavior when parts of the brain are injured? In this course, you’ll explore some of the basics of clinical neuropsychology. Over ten days, you’ll learn about different parts of the brain, different types of neuropsychological conditions, and how these conditions affect human behavior. This course is applicable to anyone who is interested in human behavior, psychology, linguistics, and philosophy; however, regardless of your interest or profession, this course promises to deliver bite-sized information about who we are and how our behavior is largely shaped by our brains.

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   Teacher: Alicia Nortje


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Course plan

Lesson 1. Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology
Lesson 2. Introduction to Regions of the Brain
Lesson 3. Amnesia
Lesson 4. Agnosia
Lesson 5. Aphasia
Lesson 6. Apraxia
Lesson 7. Neglect
Lesson 8. Dementia
Lesson 9. Epilepsy
Lesson 10. Other Less Common Disorders
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    10 days
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