Humor boosters: Lighten and tighten your writing

Are you a blogger, copywriter, non-fiction author, course creator, or even someone whose personal ads aren’t getting responses?

Humor is a tool to catch and keep people’s attention. People who write funny material attract more fans, engage their audience, and stand out from the frickin’ crowd.

You can apply simple humor-boosting techniques to just about any form of writing: blog posts, presentations, how-to books, sales copy, video scripts… Dear John (or Jane) emails.

This course offers practical lessons to help you punch up your prose to amuse your readers, connect them with your personality, and leave them remembering what they’ve read.

Why not take your writing from ho-hum to haha.

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91% of students recommend

  “Every lesson was clearly presented with each topic delineated with lots of applicable examples that gave me specific help in my writing. The best course I have taken on Highbrow by far!!”

  “I am not a humor writer or an aspiring comic, but enjoyed the information and plan to work it into my work correspondence. :)”

  “Thanks for creating this fun course. I enjoyed it and will use the techniques in my own writing. Fondly, Judy Helm Wright–Author/PetParent/IntuitiveWiseWoman”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Find Your Funny Bone (Without Whacking Your Elbow)
Lesson 2. Observe It Like Brian (Or Ellen, or Jerry, or Jim and His Mother-in-law)
Lesson 3. Paint a Funnier Picture (Even If You Can’t Draw a Cartoon of a Stick Man)
Lesson 4. Punch It Up (Without Using Boxing Gloves)
Lesson 5. Add a Take of Three (Two’s Company. Three’s a Punchline)
Lesson 6. Use Hyperbole (Blow Your Words Out of Proportion)
Lesson 7. Craft a Comical Comparison (Enjoy the Simile with a Twist)
Lesson 8. Try a Play on Words (Aka the Joy of Wordplay)
Lesson 9. Whittle Your Words (Without Getting Word Chips Caught in Your Keyboard)
Lesson 10. Add a Callback (That’s Comedian Talk for Déjà Vu)
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