The basics of English writing

If you can’t write, you can’t succeed. Communication is the most important part of most jobs and much of it is done via email and memos. This course will be a boon to any English speaker (and writer!) who wants to learn how to communicate effectively.

The Basics of English Writing will first explain basic grammar concepts and then offer in-depth writing guidelines and tips.

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   Teacher: Sarah Stanley


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84% of students recommend

“I really enjoyed the course and look forward to finding other courses that will be helpful in my writing.”

“Logical, concise well set out course. Well worth the effort.”

“Very good basic beginner’s course. I wish I had taken this twenty years ago.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Welcome
Lesson 2. Vocabulary
Lesson 3. Sentence Structure
Lesson 4. Punctuation
Lesson 5. Capitalization
Lesson 6. Homonyms and Homophones
Lesson 7. Spelling
Lesson 8. Going from a Blank Space to a Love Story
Lesson 9. The Art of Headlines
Lesson 10. Other Helpful Tips
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