The ultimate beginner’s guide to wine

You’d like to learn about wine, but where do you begin? Right here! This course is designed as an introduction, delivering an overview of the world of wine and a strategy for your continuing education. Wine experts can spend a lifetime studying the nuances of vinification! Here, we’ll cover the basics: how wine is made, a discussion of significant grape varietals and growing regions, advice on developing your palate, and tips on how to choose, serve, and pair wine with food. It’s the ultimate jumpstart to building your wine vocabulary, providing you with a base of wine knowledge and the confidence to pursue further study.

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   94% recommend it to other students

   Teacher: Paul Kalemkiarian


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94% of students recommend

  “Great for learning the basics! I would have loved to read even more about the different wine-growing regions and wine types (especially those you can get in the supermarket). Thank you!”

  “Easy to understand, not “highbrow” at all. Helped me to know that anyone–not just connoisseurs–can appreciate and enjoy wine.”

  “Well done. Good for the neophyte who wishes to start a wine collection. Sometimes a little basic for the experienced enophile but even I learned useful info which will help make me a more capable and knowledgeable wine drinker.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. What Is Wine? Part 1
Lesson 2. What Is Wine? Part 2
Lesson 3. How Wine Is Made: Red Wine
Lesson 4. How Wine Is Made: Rosé and White Wine
Lesson 5. Factors to Consider When Choosing Wine
Lesson 6. Wine Tasting Rules
Lesson 7. The Five S’s of Wine Tasting and How to Get Started
Lesson 8. Serving Wine
Lesson 9. Pairing
Lesson 10. Storing and Cellaring Wine
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    10 days
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