Fundamentals of JavaScript

Dive into the fascinating world of JavaScript, a programming language that has come a long way since 1996, the year it was created. What began as a language for creating simple animations on web pages is now a full-fledged, thriving ecosystem. In this course, we’ll walk through the history of JavaScript, then we’ll dive into the building blocks of the language, learning about the individual logical structures, such as if and else statements, functions, boolean logic, and more! Finally, we’ll see how JavaScript escaped the browser and is now powering servers, commanding robots, and being used to create desktop applications.

HTML and CSS fundamentals may be beneficial but are not required for this course.

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89% of students recommend

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Course plan

Lesson 1. The Birth of JavaScript
Lesson 2. The Environment: Where to Write Your Code
Lesson 3. Variables, Values, Types, and Operators
Lesson 4. Control Flow If, Else If, and Else
Lesson 5. Loops and Iteration
Lesson 6. Objects and Arrays
Lesson 7. Functions
Lesson 8. A New Javascript Syntax: ES6
Lesson 9. Modern JavaScript
Lesson 10. Conclusion
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