An introduction to data science

This course presents the process of data analysis in a format that can be applied in many different situations. Through extensive experience both managing data analysts and conducting my own data analyses, I have seen what produces coherent results and what fails to produce useful insights into data. This course is a distillation of my experience in a format that is useful to practitioners and managers in data science.

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   Teacher: Roger D. Peng


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Course plan

Lesson 1. In the Beginning There Was the Question
Lesson 2. The Data Analysis Epicycle
Lesson 3. Exploratory Analysis: Testing the Waters
Lesson 4. Doing Exploratory Data Analysis
Lesson 5. Spot the Inference
Lesson 6. Genie in a Model
Lesson 7. Battle of the Inference: Inference or Prediction?
Lesson 8. What Do You Mean? Interpreting Your Results
Lesson 9. Communication is Everything
Lesson 10. What’s Next?
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