Theory of probability

The theory of probability can fascinate your mind with its amazing applicability in the real world. In this course, we will cover the basics of the theory of probability. We will start our discussion with basic probability rules and then proceed to more complicated discrete and continuous probability distributions that are widely used to model events, time, and space. These probability distributions are heavily used in various disciplines, from chemistry to economics, and you will see why. This course will let you delve into the amazing and truly wonderful world of probabilities and their applications in the real world!

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83% of students recommend

  “A handy guide to the basics of probability theory with use cases for main distribution functions.”

  “Thanks for the nice course. I enjoyed it. It was very nice structured and it examples helped a lot to understand difference between some distributions.”

  “The course refreshed my lapsed skills in statistics.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Theory of Probability and Basic Probability Rules
Lesson 2. Probability of Dependent and Independent Events
Lesson 3. Bernoulli Distribution
Lesson 4. Binomial Distribution
Lesson 5. Poisson Distribution
Lesson 6. Uniform Distribution
Lesson 7. Geometric Distribution
Lesson 8. Negative Binomial Distribution
Lesson 9. Exponential Distribution
Lesson 10. Gamma Distribution
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