Mastering your relationships

Our lives are built around relationships. Our friendships, our acquaintances—even our interactions with strangers—revolve around our ability to master the way we interact with others. In this course, we will dive deep into just what makes for masterful relationships. You will learn how to get more out of friendships, how to balance many friendships, and how to develop your extended acquaintance network. Through the techniques taught in each lesson, you will be equipped to bring your best to each situation while keeping your own personal energy balanced at the same time.

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   Teacher: John Robin


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Course plan

Lesson 1. Proactive Relationships
Lesson 2. Mastering Your Intimate Relationships
Lesson 3. Mastering Family Relationships
Lesson 4. Mastering Close Friendships
Lesson 5. Mastering Lots of Friendships
Lesson 6. Mastering Your Acquaintances
Lesson 7. Mastering Your Acquaintance Network
Lesson 8. Meeting New People
Lesson 9. Getting to Know Someone
Lesson 10. Dealing with Difficult Relationships
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