Master your time: The secret to being insanely productive

Mastering your time is critical if you want to be more productive. This course will explore the fundamentals of harnessing your ultimate potential, from how to apply meditation to your work focus, what the best work routine is for maximum results, and how to make masterful plans that allow you to meet goals every day, every week, and even over several weeks. You will emerge from this course empowered and equipped with a new system that will not only exponentially up your productivity, but it will also help you get more out of your life and feel in control of your time.

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   Teacher: John Robin


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Lesson 1. Master Your Focus: A Meditation Trick
Lesson 2. Master Your Breaks: Overcoming Distraction
Lesson 3. Master Your Blocks: The Ultradian Limit
Lesson 4. Master Your Day: The Pareto Threshold
Lesson 5. Master Your Week: Batching Your Tasks
Lesson 6. Master Your Commitments: The Power of NO
Lesson 7. Master Your Reminders: Free Your Working Memory
Lesson 8. Master Your Spontaneity: The Art Of Freeflow
Lesson 9. Master Your Goals: The Pursuit of Clarity
Lesson 10. Master Your Plans: Using Visual Cues
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