Sleep hacks: Using science to improve your sleep

How much sleep do you need to be maximally productive? This course explores the science behind sleep. You will emerge more informed on the science of what happens as you spend that time in bed, as well as how to start creating your own experiments with sleep so you can make the most of your productive time without feeling frazzled.

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90% of students recommend

  “I’ve been studying the science of sleep for a while now and I have some familiarity with the subject. So I was pleasantly surprised to gain new insights from this course when I was expecting just reinforcement.”

  “For one, this course helped affirm my approach to sleep and make me feel better about myself, based on what I already do. Two, this course gave me evidence-backed information to help improve my helpful approach to sleep. Thank you!”

  “This as a great course. I am totally convinced it will help me as I continue to practice all the tips to help myself sleep better. Thanks to the author.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. How Many Hours Do You Need in Bed, and Why?
Lesson 2. Sleep Broken Down to Its Most Fundamental Level
Lesson 3. Drawing Deep From the REM Well
Lesson 4. Biphasic Sleep, Polyphasic Sleep, and Napping
Lesson 5. The Myth about Accumulating and Repaying Your Sleep Debt
Lesson 6. The Relaxation Response
Lesson 7. Surfing the Circadian Waves
Lesson 8. Breaking Free of the Antisleep Psychology Lockhold
Lesson 9. Unleashing Micro-habits on Your Sleep Life
Lesson 10. Becoming Your Own Sleep Laboratory
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