How to retire early

Retiring early may feel like an impossible dream, but it’s closer to reality than you may realize. Early retirement is not just about no longer working—after all, you may really enjoy what you do—but it’s also about achieving a level of financial security that means you can choose whether to work or not. This course will show you how to start your own path toward financial independence and early retirement, including the math, the mindset, and how to lead a meaningful life.

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81% of students recommend

  “I like the simple, but effective rules that are clearly explained (ie., take your monthly expenses and times by 300 + amount required as a lump sum) to help people get a realistic start to begin their FIRE journey!”

  “I especially liked your balanced approach – the goal is never about only money, but living a meaningful life as well. Thank you! <3”

  “This is a great way to plant the seed of thinking about how to prepare your thoughts and future wellbeing if early retirement is an option personally. Cheers!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. What Is Early Retirement?
Lesson 2. Get Clear on Your Objectives
Lesson 3. Expanding Your Mindset
Lesson 4. Know Your Expenses
Lesson 5. Know Your Income and Increase It
Lesson 6. Your Assets, F.I.R.E. Number, and Age
Lesson 7. Join a Community
Lesson 8. A Meaningful Life
Lesson 9. Health
Lesson 10. What’s Your Early Retirement Plan?
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