Hack your diet: Using nutrition science to live healthier, longer, and diet-free

The keys to a strong, vibrant life are found in three fields: sleep, fitness, and diet. Advice can somewhat vary for sleep and fitness, but when it comes to diet, opinions are the Wild West. This course explores the nutrition science behind dieting, avoiding fads. Over ten days, you will learn the fundamentals of what comprises a healthy diet, backed by science. You will gain insight into how the body processes the nutrients that keep you living long, going strong, and harnessing the best health possible.

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   Teacher: John Robin


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83% of students recommend

  “The straight forward presentation, clear science and daily action plan were very effective!”

  “I really appreciate for the main purpose of this course. Also, it’s full of new information which I’ve never heard of, so I would recommend it to everyone who is new to the diet.”

  “Excellent course which fits well into the latest research in prevention of Alzheimer’s and many diseases of the western world. Thank you!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Gaining Power over Your Diet by Seeing It for What It Really Is
Lesson 2. Using Meditation to Train New Tasting Pleasures
Lesson 3. Building a Core Regimen of Healthy Foods
Lesson 4. Products of Glycation Are the New Cholesterol: Why to Avoid Sugar
Lesson 5. Why Smaller Meals Are Better Meals
Lesson 6. Fallacies about Meat and Dairy
Lesson 7. Omega-3, Vitamin K, and Other Overlooked Nutrients
Lesson 8. What to Eat: Avoiding Boredom Syndrome
Lesson 9. The Fallacy of Calorie Counting and Restricted Food Plans
Lesson 10. Mastering Your Slippery Slopes
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    One lesson delivered via email daily
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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