Multihabit: A radical new approach to habit-tracking

What are the habits that define how you spend your day?

Follow the progress of four unique people who shared a unique time-tracking system that gave them a radical new approach to how they understood habits. You will see in each lesson how they added these specially-defined habits, one at a time, and what kind of picture came together for them as they employed Peter Drucker’s wisdom, “What gets measured gets managed.” This course will take you so much further than productivity—it covers the larger topic of how to build a life with the right balance of productivity, self-improvement, and leisure.

And it’s not just information. You get to put each lesson into practice with a spreadsheet, tracking your own habits progressively, and it’s sharable so you can invite your own friends in and start your own small group, if desired. As well, included in each spreadsheet are examples of what our group tracked over a 2-week period, so you can see exactly how it’s done.

This course forever changed us, and now it promises to forever change you as well!

   372 students completed this course

   72% recommend it to other students

   Teacher: John Robin


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72% of students recommend

  “An amazing course, congratulations! I learned a lot and now I am starting to put into practice what I have learnt in theory. After reading lots of books on procrastination and productivity, I felt that in this course I have advanced my learning by years. This is what I really needed right now!”

  “Fantastic course. Everyone needs to see this program.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. A New Approach to Habits
Lesson 2. Tracking Two Complementary Habits
Lesson 3. Juggling Three Habits Like a Pro
Lesson 4. Adding a Fourth Habit, and a New Approach to Work
Lesson 5. Adding a Fifth Habit and the Pareto Threshold
Lesson 6. The Sixth Habit and Ultradian Limit
Lesson 7. The Seventh Habit: The Leisure Frontier
Lesson 8. Defining Eight+ Habits: Mapping Habit Categories
Lesson 9. Having Nine+ Habits and Beyond: Sleep and the Final Frontiers
Lesson 10. Having Ten+ Habits: The Long-Term Game
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    One lesson delivered via email daily
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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