How to stay focused: Ten top hacks for motivation

In a media-driven world filled with distractions, we all find it hard to stay focused on the work we need to get done sometimes. During this course, you’ll explore ten tried and tested motivation hacks that help your brain stay engaged and get your tasks completed, distraction-free!

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91% of students recommend

  “A big thanks to the author for making this course. In just a couple of emails, huge amounts of knowledge and expertise was delivered neatly. Would definitely share this to other people too.”

  “I really liked that you addressed every part of life and not just time management as seen in other courses.”

  “Enjoyable and very informative, thanks K.C. :)”


Course plan

Lesson 1. The Attitude for Success
Lesson 2. The Little Picture
Lesson 3. A List Like No Other
Lesson 4. Don’t Be Alarmed
Lesson 5. The Pomodoro Method
Lesson 6. Change Is Good: Part 1
Lesson 7. Change Is Good: Part 2
Lesson 8. Health and Focus
Lesson 9. Day by Day
Lesson 10. The Brain Boost Routine
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