Ten significant women in science

Welcome to this course on significant female scientists. Over the next ten days, you will learn about ten of the most influential female scientists in history and the significance of their work. As you may expect though, being a woman in a scientific world that has typically been dominated by men throughout history has presented many challenges. We shall, therefore, learn too of the difficulties faced which arguably make many more of their achievements all the more impressive.

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  “Another excellent course from James Wareing! I love how this author selects 10 noteworthy individuals in a given field to paint a picture of how history has unfolded around them. This course really deepened by appreciation for how women have struggled unnecessarily against a male-centered society, and how much further our science could be today if this wasn’t the case.”

  “Until you take this course you will not know of the very impressive women of science.”

  “Good topic and selection of significant women.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Mary Anning
Lesson 2. Hertha Ayrton
Lesson 3. Marie Curie
Lesson 4. Maria Goeppert Mayer
Lesson 5. Dorothy Hodgkin
Lesson 6. Rosalind Franklin
Lesson 7. Katsuko Saruhashi
Lesson 8. Vera Rubin
Lesson 9. Jane Goodall
Lesson 10. Jennifer Doudna
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