How to improve your memory

Improving your memory has invaluable benefits for your life. Not only will you be able to learn more effectively, you can also improve relationships by remembering personal details, appear more credible and confident in conversations and presentations, and even get funnier because you’ll finally remember jokes! In this course, you’ll learn how your memory works, how to nurture it properly, and most importantly, you’ll learn techniques that you can apply in everyday life to remember anything and everything that matters to you.

A good memory is the foundation for learning. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll get even more out of other Highbrow courses!

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95% of students recommend

  “The information was easy to use and the techniques helpful. Thank you!”

  “Great overview of how memory works and how to make yours work better. Good balance of approaches: techniques, memory exercises, care of the body, outside resources, etc. Thanks!”

  “A very entertaining material on how to achieve quick wins on the way of improving your memory. To the best of what I can recall. :)”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Benefits
Lesson 2. The Brain and Memory
Lesson 3. Mnemonic Basics
Lesson 4. Remembering Numbers
Lesson 5. Using Location for Memory Storage
Lesson 6. Expanding Your Memory Toolbox
Lesson 7. Forgetting and Actively Recalling
Lesson 8. Nutrition
Lesson 9. A Perfect Day for Memory
Lesson 10. Conclusion
+ Quiz



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