The science of learning

What do you want to learn? Regardless of the answer, this course will help you take control of your learning for the rest of your life. This course synthesizes the past several decades of learning research into digestible daily bits. As we grow up, we acquire learning habits that are ineffective or simply counter-productive to achieving our learning goals. This course is about structuring your own learning experiences to be more effective. Apply its lessons to your own practice, and you will find yourself learning more, learning more deeply, and learning more efficiently. Learning ain’t easy. This course makes it easier.

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100% of students recommend

  “This is a great course for learning professionals (e.g., teachers, trainers, instructional designers). I’ll use the lessons learned in the courses I develop. I liked the examples you shared and the clear explanations. Good job!”

  “I have been an educator for more than thirty years, and as a retiree am now taking Spanish classes as a 60 year old student. I have learned anew the importance of a growth mindset now that I am learning alongside younger, more nimble brains. Tests for me have become what they are intended to be, indications of what I have learned and what I have yet to learn, rather than indications of my innate ability. This course was a timely reminder of what education is meant to be.”

  “Clear, concise but meaningful information.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. What Is Effective Learning?
Lesson 2. Learning Goals
Lesson 3. Directing Cognitive Effort
Lesson 4. Remembering Things
Lesson 5. Prior Knowledge
Lesson 6. Analogies
Lesson 7. Contrasting Cases
Lesson 8. The Right Kind of Practice
Lesson 9. Assessing What You Know
Lesson 10. Reflect and Iterate
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