David Urbansky



Humor: Science of how to be funny

Breathwork: Science and practice

How to improve your memory

Learning how to think clearly

David Urbansky is CEO of the semantic search company, SEMKNOX. With his PhD research on knowledge extraction, he is interested not only in how machines learn but also how we learn and how we can all learn better.

Thinking is an unquestionably important skill and obviously, key to learning. But it is also something few of us really understand and rarely something we strive to improve our ability in. After coming to this realization, David decided to put together a Highbrow course to help others pursue the worthy goal of thinking better.

Improving your memory is another strategy for learning better, which is why he also teaches a memory course. After learning about mnemonic devices years ago, he has implemented them into his everyday life and has a passion for teaching others about their benefits.

Breathing is fundamental to your health. In his course about breathwork, you’ll learn the science and practice of breathwork—a simple and effective way to boost your wellbeing.

Humor makes everything better. We all like to laugh but we do not really know why and how humor works. David uses humor in his job on stressful days, to lighten up the team but he wanted to know what works and how so he dove deep into the mystery of humor and shares his findings here.

He hopes you will find all of his courses useful and looks forward to any and all feedback!

Website: davidurbansky.com